Importance of Video Marketing

Simply put, video marketing is a tool where videos are used as a means of communication by brands for promotions of their services on various platforms. It aims at providing information to the consumer, educate them and further engage in the brand.


Videos are comparatively an easy format for consumption of content. They’re known to have high engagement value. They encourage conversation around the content thereby increasing the interest levels in the brand.

High Recall Value

According to researchers and psychologists visual memory is an integral part of the ‘long term memory’ in Humans. Visual memory is basically a storage of information in the form of images which form our base for retention of information. We remember people by faces, roads by their geographical appearance and memories by the striking visual ques from incidents. Having said that, visuals have a high impact recall value. So expect your consumer to remember your video than a simple text! 


Today, most of the content consumed by all of us is on mobile phones. We have organically moved from TV viewing family setup to each one consuming content of their choice on their desired handsets. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Google promote video content to its optimum. Netflix and other streaming apps have also got the content viewing experience into the comfort of the viewer by providing attractive cellular packages for the phone. We have already reached a stage where video ads are dominating the consumer market. 

Types Of Videos

There are numerous ways in which we can communicate with our consumer or viewer by making the videos fun and exciting. Here are some ways to do it….

AD Films

AD Film

Advertising is the oldest and most sought after means of communication, promotions and sales. Ad Films are videos specifically designed to communicate the brand and its various products with specificity. Ad films are the most efficient tool for consumer influence.

Product/Service Explainers


Pretty self explanatory! Videos that explain the purpose of the products or services thereby highlighting its uses and benefits. A good explainer video will always address the problem of the consumer and how the product can address this problem with its benefits acting as the solution followed by your ‘call to action’! 

Interactive Video


These are the most popular ones in the today’s age and time. Videos that allow the users to interact while watching the content. They are designed like your regular videos but have added features like ‘call to action’ buttons or ‘hotspots’ that allow the users to perform certain actions while watching. These are highly popular videos as one can track the response it generates by these imbedded tools. 

Social Media


These videos are specifically designed for the social media. They are crisp, fine and tailor made for the platforms. These can be in the form of ads, posts, stories, profile or cover videos to name a few. 

Event Videos


Event videos are a compilation of the important moments from a social or special gathering. They aim to capture the essence of the events thereby generation similar emotions while consuming it later. These videos can also act as an important promotional tool for the brands.