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Digital innovation is the strategic use of technology to solve traditional marketing concerns and help brands sustain the ever-evolving needs of the ‘consumer-maintenance’ market. As we all know the real task is not merely getting a consumer or client but sustaining them in the long run. It requires efforts, perseverance, patience, and most importantly TIME! In the rush where each query is important and personal communication only helps maintain relations better, it is humanly not possible to talk to each one of them when you are a growing and booming business! This is where digital innovation plays an important role.  With the help of technology, brands and businesses can now manage their clients and consumers more efficiently.



Conversational marketing is a new, personalized approach to doing business online. It moves buyers through marketing and sales funnels by using the power of one at a time questions, a lot like a real-time conversation. In other words, it’s an automated conversation with your website visitors.

One of the key tools used in Conversational marketing is ‘chatbot’.  A chatbot is an AI-powered program designed on your website to facilitate customer interaction 24/7 with a ramification of inputs like voice, text, and gesture. Chatbots were primarily utilized in customer service environments and on websites. But now it’s utilized in various other ways to reinforce efficiency in business and customer experience. How are chatbots incorporated within the digital marketing game? Chatbots are often programmed to answer commonly asked questions like “How much your services cost?”, “What is your return policy?” to ease manual work and provide round the clock assistance.


Chat Bot

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  1. Chatbots make marketing easier by automating the initial steps like answering general customer questions, gathering contact details, or fixing common tech issues.
  2. Chatbots make your website interactive and enable customer interaction, which can provide enhanced customer support.
  3. Chatbots are extremely beneficial in bridging the gap between marketing and sales.
  4. Chatbots help make the initial steps of selling easier by automating.
  5. Chatbots reduce customer service maintenance costs of the website.

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During the Covid-19 lockdown, many people tried entertaining their kids by using Google’s 3D animation pictures which uses Augmented Reality. AR is a technology that transforms digital content and knowledge onto the physical world. So how is AR employed by brands in implementing their marketing strategies? Who doesn’t want to undertake a product before investing in it? Automobile test drives, cosmetic samples, and fitting rooms are several instances that allow customers to try to attempt before purchasing a product.



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AR shopping is one of the rising trends in digital marketing. With the assistance of AR, customers can model themselves and check out clothing, makeup, and lots of other home-related products without the requirement to directly interact with them. AR gives customers a unique shopping experience since customers will always prefer a brand that keeps them happy and satisfied. This eventually will bring more leads thereby increasing sales.

 Many industries have extensively started using AR in their marketing strategies.

Let’s check out an example. A textile business can use AR in creating a virtual dressing or fitting room. When a user wants to get a dress, AR allows the user to flick through a digital library of clothing and reduces the hassle of using an attempt room. Apart from this AR visitng cards are also a booming trend!


It’s time for businesses to understand that AI is the heart of the worldwide business modules. AI is a part of computer programs that build intelligent machines that can think and respond like humans. AI aids businesses to trace buying and browsing habits, segment customers, and retarget audiences. Giants like Amazon and Spotify are judiciously using AI in their businesses.



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



  1. AI has the power to analyze data about the previous purchase,  the pages the user has browsed, and user interests. With this data, you’ll be able to analyze the customer’s needs and interests and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly.
  2. Helps in email marketing campaigns by supporting user behavior to create customized content.
  3. Useful in digital advertising mainly in social media platforms by collecting information like age, gender, demographics to point out the relevant ads to specific customers.

When considering AI, voice search is gaining popularity. Few examples include Google search, Siri on the iPhones, and Alexa. This feature enables users to easily ask their queries instead of typing in a smartphone or laptop. This means businesses got to rethink their strategies since queries typed in search engines are entirely different from using voice search.

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Visual search, as the name rightly suggests helps people to visualize the world with imagery than mere text search, by using AI. This works with the simple logic of identification and replication with the information provided.

Once you take a photograph of an item, the technology identifies the object within the image and provides the relevant information to the user. This technology is predominantly utilized in e-commerce stores to ease the shopping experience of the user.


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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Visual search works through a mixture of computer vision and machine learning technology.


  1. Visual search builds a robust reference to potential customers and attracts new customers.
  2. Enhances smooth customer interaction and thus helps in increasing conversion rates.
  3. Increased revenue and sales.
  4. Visual search allows customers to view their search five times faster than a text search.
  5. Helps in optimizing SEO content more precisely.

Platforms that extensively use visual search are Pinterest, Bing, and Google. Read more about Visual Search.



Videos are more easily processed by our brains than textual content. Video marketing is a powerful tool in marketing and you ought to include your content into video formats to stay ahead in the game. Videos help build trust among customers and also helps increase awareness for your brand. Videos are easy to share and all major platform algorithms support and promote video content. So, visual content not only gives you a better means of communication but also promises a higher reach. 



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Here are FIVE reasons why video marketing is crucial in designing your marketing strategy.

  1. Videos keep the purchasers engaged and it’s easy to process the knowledge as visuals are going to be more appealing.
  2. Helps customers to know about your product more easily and 97% of marketers claim an equivalent.
  3. Helps in optimizing your SEO better since search engines view them as high-quality content.
  4. Helps you to remain prior to your competitors.
  5. Boosts conversion rates. 90% of consumers decide their purchase by watching videos.

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Digital marketing is evolving every day and you would have to simply implement the newest marketing trends to make sure a good reputation and better positioning in your industry. You furthermore may get to keep an eye fixed on innovative marketing solutions to adapt your business and supply unique experience to customers that they want for.

We hope these insights about the technology will assist you in adapting the acceptable marketing strategy for your business. We at Global Digital Consultancy Services believe that innovation and technology are the 2 extremely important futuristic key elements in marketing solutions for all brands and businesses.

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