Google Digital Card : 5 easy steps to create your virtual business card

Google People Card

Have you ever tried searching your name on Google? We all have, right! What was the result? Some similar names like yours and profiles or maybe your existing social profiles. Nothing unique, right? So, here’s the deal. This is going to change now. Your name is going to be UNIQUELY yours on Google going forward. Someone who searches for you will only find YOU.

You ask how?

Well, Google has rolled out it’s the newest feature known as Google Digital Cards or People Card which will help entrepreneurs, influencers and freelancers with the advantage of early discovery on the search engine. Now, if you’re familiar with how the Google Search Engine works, you would know the difficulty of ranking on the same. It’s a constant struggle to stay atop and afloat and in today’s day and time an enviable web presence is more than just essential.

Google People Card is going to help accelerate you in this race of being at the top and insight.

India has been the FIRST country where this feature was rolled out on August 11, 2020, after being tested for some time only because of the high affinity of our people to search their names on Google to become the world’s second-largest market! One can add searchable information like their name, work profile, social media handles/profiles, website etc.

For searchers online, it’s difficult to find the person when the person is a new to online business or is not as established even otherwise. This is an opportunity for such people to create their strong presence for getting searched for all the right reasons.

Google addresses the following problem :

“Today, we are solving these challenges with a new feature called people cards. It’s like a virtual visiting card, where you can highlight your existing website or social profiles you want people to visit, plus other information about yourself that you want others to know.”

For now, it only supports the English language.


Anyone using the internet can create these cards but this is introduced especially for business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, self-employed individuals who want to get discovered quickly on the search engine. This will help facilitate their unique presence on the web. This card can’t be suggested for other people owing to privacy. The cards are designed to appear only on google search results.

Google has put together a variety of controls and protections to ensure the quality of the information provided. The mechanisms include protection against abusive or offensive content. A person can create ONLY ONE card which will be authenticated with his/her mobile number. The individual has complete control over the information to be provided and can discard the service at any time. The more information you provide the easier it will be for others to find you on Google. There is also a feedback option which can be used to report low-quality information by the card owner. Google wants to ensure that the information provided is reliable. The protective measures will help to prevent creating duplicate cards and thus avoid spam. Once your card is created it will take some time for it to appear on the results.


STEP 1: Sign in to your google account

STEP 2: Type “Add me to search” in Google

STEP 3: Authenticate with your phone number by entering the six-digit code

STEP 4: Add the necessary information like website details, social media link and a profile picture

STEP 5: Click on Save after entering all the details.



1. A  profile image

2. A short description of yourself

3. Your website link, if you have one

4. Email address

5. Links to your social profiles

6. Contact number

One can decide on the amount of information to be included in the card. Though Google says the more the better, as it only enhances the probability of appearing in the search results and this is nothing but a unique way for PERSONAL SEO.

Once you are done with the above you will be able to view your search card!

Going forward when someone searches your name on Google, the first thing to appear will be your card. Don’t worry If you encounter any issues with viewing your card immediately after you created, you may need to clear your search history and cache and then try to search again.

 Google India also shared the step by step procedure to create a digital card on its Instagram page.

Google digital card is an excellent feature for a person who wants to establish his/her online presence. This option is limited to the only mobile as of now. Digital cards resemble knowledge panels which will show up when you make a search query for a public figure or known personalities.

Until now, people would give their printed visiting cards for contacting them. Now we can just type their name on Google to get the same information. This feature has made the process simple for people who wants to create a brand for them.  Google digital card will be an inexpensive way to promote a brand or person unlike printing cards and distributing them.

This is how innovation helps in digitalising the world. We at GDCS strongly believe that necessity is the mother of all inventions and now (adaptations!) as top brands are proving it time and again. Innovation is the necessity now and GDCS is here to help you with it!

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