5 ways to evolve your digital strategies during COVID-19

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Amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic , it is time for businesses to rethink their marketing strategies to cope up with the changing behaviours of customers and the evolving business demands.  By now , we know the importance of social distancing and 90% of the world’s population is staying indoors. As a result, online shopping of almost everything has spiked to a great extent. Implementing new marketing strategies is the need of the hour for every business in the current situation. To help your brands adapt to the current scenario we have listed five ways to reinvent your digital marketing strategies.


 If you are a retailer or small business owner, with physical stores for your business, this is the right time to shift your offline store to online. The current pandemic has sky-rocketed the usage of internet and people are engaged through various digital platforms every day.  You can create an e-commerce website for your business and start selling your products. When you create an online presence for your business, you may get new customers which may not be attained through traditional media. You can also identify your target audience and increase sales.

2020 has led to a new way of customer interaction with businesses and it is less likely to change in future also. As people are confined to their home, they prefer buying online to be safe and secure. Having an online business is cost effective and you can reach more potential customers. It is high time to make your business online to hold out against your competitors. If your business is one of those brands which has been shut due to the pandemic, you can create contentbased on your customer needs, thereby increasing traffic for your website. For example, a barber shop owner can create videos for hair cutting and post in social media as more people search for “How to cut hair at home” on youtube. Make sure your brand is listed in the local directory listings. This will make easier for customers who are in need of your services to locate you and this will generate very good traffic for your website.



 As everyone is confined to their homes, people are glued to their phone finding ways to engage themselves. This is the time you should create your brand awareness by promoting your business through social media. Social media is a key element to implement digital marketing strategies productively. Having accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn can help create awareness promote your business to appropriate customers TG for your business goals. Online presence helps boost businesses by reaching global audience. Now, while you are at posting stuff,  don’t always try to post products all the time . Instead you can create awareness posts associated with the current scenario to build relationship with your customers. Be creative in posting your content and try to connect with customers.It is not mandatory to have accounts on all platforms. You can choose platforms based on your target audience. You can also post blogs relevant to the current trend regularly on social media to engage your customers.



Competitor analysis is an important strategy to keep you on track with the business market. Analyse the website traffic of your competitors and develop effective SEO plan based on the results. Google analysis and googlesearch console can be utilised in defining plan for SEO. Search traffic has exponentially increased and people are constantly buying products online. Keyword research is crucial in developing the SEO plan to meet the evolving business model. Monitor the content posted by the competitors and try to create unique content which makes you clearly noticeable in the market. Make sure you rank top in the google search results by optimizing your website and content. It is very important to be innovative and creative to stand up in the competition. Create awareness for your brand using social media. As long as the current situation prevails , it is more desirable to do competitor analysis which will certainly help out to revamp your business. If you establish proper SEO plan for your business , you can get leads through organic search even after the covid-19 pandemic which eventually makes you visible ahead of your competitors.



 The number of covid cases are emerging day by day which has shattered the global economy. You should think smart and brave to run your advertisement campaigns. Plan your budget and invest appropriately. PPC marketing is a good way of connecting with customers to attain your business goals. Since social medium consumption is sky-scraping, try to post ads through social media to accelerate more conversions. You can promote your business through youtube ads since majority of quarantine days are spent watching youtube videos. Create ads which reflect the current trend. There is also a decrease in the cost-per-click to which an advertiser pays for an ad. Make use of outsourcing agencies which can build strategies for the new business model. People are more interested in fitness, cooking and entertainment since lockdown. You can partner with the relevant apps to publish your ads. Video marketing is an efficient marketing strategy to reach potential customers. You can also create blog posts to attract new customers and blogging is an inexpensive online marketing tactic. Be creative in featuring ad associated with the new reality of handwashing and social distancing.


Every business is customer centric and you have to redefine your business goals, as the demands are changing post pandemic. Brainstorm ideas from customer point of view. Design strategies that provide solution to customer’s problems. It is crucial to build customer’s reliability. Besides posting creative content in social media , ensure you deliver satisfactory customer support. Even a single negative feedback can impact your business. Create posts that can engage customers with your business. You can offer free delivery for your products which will help in more conversions. You should also guarantee safety measures on high priority while delivering products at the doorsteps. You can provide offers and promotions via social media. Identify your target audience and create content appropriately. Be compassionate and solve customer issues which will help to build good relation with customer in the long run. Businessis not always about revenue and sales. You can also lend your support during this  difficult times as a brand and use social media marketing to promote your good deeds which eventually builds a good reputation for your brand. Try to get feedback and testimonials from customers. When you get more positive ratings ,customer’s trust on your brandenhances. This also adds credibility to your business and positive reviews are like a word-of-mouth recommendation for your brand.

When the business models change,  marketing strategy should adapt to meet the evolving business consumer needs. GDCS aims at providing innovative solutions to brands and businesses to keep their consumers engaged.

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