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Webinars are one of the highest trending topics of the year 2020,even though we are only in the fifth month of this year. If you come to look at it, seminars as a concept or exercise are not new and have been with us for a very long time. Seminars have further evolved to webinars recently and are trending across all industries.

The current COVID 19 situation has moved us all out of our comfort zones of physical travel and extreme social interaction and exposed us to remote working patterns that we had never imagined before. ‘Work from home’ seems like the new normal and large gatherings of any sort  are a distant dream. It is also safe to say that this situation might not change for a while. 

While we are in this situation, the means of communication is centrally focussed on all the digital platforms and webinars are at the core of it. Let’s talk about how you can benefit from webinars : 


Webinars are a great way to communicate with your audience. It enables you to promote your business/ products with the attendees. Though till now webinars have been mostly used as a tool of education and information, some brands have jumped in to use this as a tool for reaching out to consumers to promote their brands and products. 

Lead Generation 

Webinars also provide you with filtered leads. To start off with, people who have opted to attend your webinar are surely a qualified lead since they are here for a reason. Also, when people sign up for your webinars, they can provide substantial information based on the tools you are using in your software (For eg : Job titles, qualifications, mail id’s etc.) that can help you build potential future leads. 

Information & Education 

Webinars are a great medium to provide information about your brand/products and educate the consumers with the benefits of the same. It also puts you in a position of an expert in your field. You are also able to present PPTs, play AV clips to make your sessions more interactive and engaging.  

Direct Engagement

Webinars encourage direct engagement with your audience. It eases the communication flow and also helps build trust for both parties. Will we not always trust a brand with a face than a bot as a salesperson!

Cost Effective

Let’s not forget the most important aspect of Webinars! They’re supremely cost effective as they save you all the physical cost expenditures required during a physical seminar. Also, you can have multiple webinars as you’re not restricted to a time and space in particular.

Higher Reach & Remote Operation 

Since webinars can be accessed from practically anywhere, it broadens your horizon of reaching out to numerous people from varied demographics and allows you to interact with consumers across the globe while sitting at home. So you can sit at your home and interact with thousands and millions of probable consumers/leads across various parts of the world at a click. 


Lastly, Webinars are highly interactive and you can run Q&A to generate more content with your audiences while addressing their queries.These Q&A’s will also provide you with great insights on consumers and help you collect data. The more the interaction and engagement the higher the recall value. When consumers can vocalise, chat and interact they will stay focussed and will surely have something to take back home! 

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