Our Story

About Us

Launched in 2020, Global Digital Consultancy Services is an initiative to include immersive technology as a tool to help brands market their products innovatively.  GDCS aims at generating immersive user experience for companies that seek change from traditional ways of marketing.

A group of highly motivated individuals, we aim to innovate for a change to how marketing campaigns are executed! Consuming the same kind of strategies and being bombarded with the same kind of techniques, we decided to cut loose from the established and mundane ways and ventured into a more immersive and engaging space. 

We firmly believe in the evolution of communication in the consumer market and constantly seek new ways to adhere to these changes. Technology and Innovation being our driving force, we wanted to change the way brands were promoting their products! 

We design by one rule – enhanced user experience, GDCS was formed to serve the consumer, who consumed content of any sort, with the highest quality of experience in turn helping build brands a stronger consumer base.

What makes us different

We believe that change is the only constant and hence evolution in marketing solutions is a change that needs to be addressed. 

We constantly thrive on breaking the shackles of traditional marketing techniques and focus on innovation and user  experience.  Using technology as our base for innovation, we design customised solutions which are tailor made for your brand. 


Super Efficient

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled