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There is a sudden disruption in all businesses because of the pandemic and supply chains have been hit the worse because of the lockdown. There are numerous ways for brands to plan their marketing strategies adapting to the current situation and still accomplish the objectives even more, if not less.

Here are THREE marketing strategies that will help your brand to healthily sustain the current pandemic.


Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective strategies which you can make use of during this situation. Since people are engaging themselves online every day, brands can send email newsletters to their potential customers about their business services, updates, and promotions. You can include confronting messages in the email that will ensure empathy and compassion towards customers in spite of the panic. Along with this can also conduct webinars to educate the consumers about your products and services. Send customized emails that will provide a sense of value to them.

Email Mareting


  • Review your email campaign that has been planned ahead and replace triggers with the content appropriate to the current situation and remove triggers that are irrelevant now.
  • Judiciously identify your target audience
  • Be mindful of the subject lines of your emails as people are bound to disregard subjects with Covid-19, Corona.
  • Even though your business is temporarily closed, try to communicate with your customers and try to address their issues.

You can make use of email marketing tools like Mail chimp, Constant contact, Sendinblue that will facilitate the process of email marketing. Focus on how your customers are responding with your emails and plan your strategy based on the reports. You can also collect relevant data through survey forms to further filter your client list. Schedule emails to be sent on special occasions and customers are more likely to view the email. Ensure you deliver quality content in emails since customers may get frustrated when their inbox is flooded with numerous emails because of the pandemic. Emails will help you to build solid relationships with customers that will eventually increase leads and sales.


Inbound marketing is one of the best practices to drive organic traffic. Inbound marketing is an inexpensive method to attract potential customers organically. Streamline your content based on SEO strategy with the relevant keywords and phrases. When your target audience search for the relevant information, site optimization will help your content to organically appear on the search engine results page(SERP).

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  • SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your site’s visibility by optimizing the content so that the search engines can read and index your website. When SEO is implemented appropriately, your website will be more visible to consumers. Since nowadays people are searching for information online, it is more crucial to implement a proper SEO strategy so that you can reach your target audience easily.

If you are one of the stores which are temporarily closed because of the crisis, you can use Google My Business to update your current status to your existing customers. You can also update your online sales option in your GMB account. By doing this users can know about your business in the search results rather than visiting your website. This will save customers’ time and will enable new sales opportunities.


 With the help of content marketing, you can keep your audience engaged since most of them are at home now. People are now browsing for content online and you can create relevant content to reach your audience via social media, web content, email, and paid media. Create blogs related to your business and post on your website regularly. Creating blog content results in more search engine-indexed pages than websites without updated content.


By now we all know the importance of an active social media presence for a business. Each and every person in the world owns at least one social media account. You need to have a social media plan to promote your brand and to reach your target audience.  Connect with your target audience regularly by posting content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc. Run ads, promote services to reap higher benefits.  As they rightly say out of sight out of mind, so keep posting relevant updates to stay in touch with your audience.


When considering the creation of online content, videos can reach more customers because of the supportive algorithms of the platforms. The majority of people are prone to consuming video content to engage themselves and hence incorporating videos in your marketing strategy is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! Now, there’s nothing new that can be said about the advantages of videos in marketing. One should ideally design a clear plan for video marketing, and create content videos that will keep your customers engaged. There are various kinds of videos which one can design. Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin actively promote video content. Since most of the video content is consumed on phones, do ensure that your videos are mobile interface friendly.



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  1. Study says that 80% of people make their purchasing decision on a product after watching a video.
  2. Videos are more engaging and interactive as compared to text.
  3. Videos make communication simple through the use of imagery and relevant visuals. This also provides great recall value to the viewer.

For whatever length of time the pandemic continues, brands need to adapt their strategies to the ‘new normal’. Digital transformation is evolving after the crisis and it is necessary to be updated with the latest trends and changing behavior of the customers to establish your brand.


We hope these strategies will help you to adapt to the existing scenario and aids in attaining your business goals. We at Global Digital Consultancy Services look forward to providing support to any business and brand which is considering reinventing their strategies to adapt to the current situation.

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