5 Ways To Use Augmented Reality In Marketing

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Augmented Reality is a technology that is being fiercely researched for its usage across industries. One of the fastest growing technologies expected to top 2,500,000,000 installed base and $70-$75 billion(INR5,27,86,65,000.00) revenue by 2023, as per Digi-Capital. While we are struck by a pandemic, and stranded homes, this is the best opportunity to assess how various technologies can effectively facilitate the marketing and sales of your brands and products. 

Augmented Reality is a ‘user-experience’ centric technology. In 2006, ‘Pokemon Go’ was one of the first games which took interactive gaming to another level, by designing their game with the AR technology. This game was widely appreciated because it didn’t require any fancy gaming devices, and was simply played on one’s smartphone by thus allowing higher reach and engagement for the developers of the game. The design was simple yet highly effective. Now, THAT is the sheer power of an interactive-user-driven technology!


Brand storytelling is setting the narrative right for your brand to the users. A narrative that is engaging, informative and inspiring and leaves an emotional imprint on the consumer.Videos and films designed with the help of Augmentation are highly impactful and also have great recall value! The more the engagement and recall value, the quicker is the purchasing decision. Also, let’s be honest going through the history and details of a brand can feel mundane to many. 

Here’s an interesting video by Wikitude for Jim beam to give you a glimpse of brand storytelling! Or visit Jack Daniels’s distillery, right from your couch!



Advertising is a pivotal force for any industry, brand or service. This is how we reach our consumers and encourage them to engage with our brand/products. Now, while we are wooing our consumers, why limit at the traditional ways of Out-Of-Home advertising with plane jane hoardings! Why not design something that is more interactive, eye-popping and worth remembering! Take a look at this amazing campaign where Burger King literally set their ads to fire! Apart from this, one can also innovate with interactive print using the same technology. The goal is to engage and excite the viewer, irrespective of the medium!Augmented Reality Example 1



Demonstrating a product’s benefits/uses is the core criteria for any brand. Recently many brands have switched to AR to design their demonstrations in such a way where heavy/complex products don’t need to be transported for display. Keep aside the size of the product, some also have complex features/ functionalities that are not visible to the naked eye. AR simplifies the hassles of this process thereby allowing one to design AR videos and convey the same information more effectively. Who all can benefit from AR Product Demonstration? 

    • MR in Pharma
    • Automobile industry 
    • Defence
    • FMCG to name a few.

Watch this Vespa Ad where they have created a virtual showroom, great example of Interactive Print ad for Product Demonstration

Augmented Reality Example 2


Sounds fancy right? It absolutely is, but at the same time it is a very simple way of letting your consumers choose from hundreds of options while sitting at home. This enables a consumer/buyer to aptly visualise how a product will look/ fit or feel in his/her space. Giving this visualisation opportunity is very liberating for the consumer. Augmented Reality Example 3

Ikea did an amazing demo for visualisation with AR technology.


Online shopping is now as widely used as physically visiting a store. Providing an augmented experience for customers to choose and shop from your app can be a great product seller idea. This is widely used in stores on the ground to grab an eye! 


Augmented Reality Example 4

One such example by Zara and Timberland AR experience stores

AR is a very beneficial and interesting technology for both brands and consumers, if utilized wisely and widely. We, at GDCS aim to help brands explore more via innovation and application of such technologies! Get in Touch for such exciting experiences for your users! 


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