OnePlus Unboxes The AR Experience With The Launch Of 8 & 8Pro!

OnePLus Unbox Experience


2020 till now has been a such a challenging year for all of us. Covid-19 and the lockdowns in various countries all over the world has made it difficult for brands to continue seamless communications with their consumers. With no moving out of the house and entertainment industries stalled for a few months, brands haven’t been able to advertise through traditional methods and are now looking at innovative ways to reach out to their consumer!

One such brand that has elevated it’s launch game is ONEPLUS.

On 14th April 2020, ONEPLUS had a global launch of their flagship smartphone – ONEPLUS 8 and ONEPLUS 8 pro in the most innovative fashion. Now, if you’re aware of the brand and their launch strategies, you will know how ‘UNBOXING of OnePlus’ is a huge rage amongst consumers and the brand has always been able to garner extreme attention through these ‘unboxing events’. Amidst lockdown and this global pandemic, the brand has yet again managed to reach out to millions of people and create excitement for their new product via AUGMENTED REALITY.

OnePlus Augmented Reality Experience

Simply put, the brand created a new Augmented Reality filter on the social media platform called Instagram, and asked all its audience to UNBOX the phone right in their homes! Now with this move, the brand has been able to achieve access to millions of people out there, they have garnered attention with innovation and most importantly their communication about the product has been simple and most accessible.

In the recent past, GOOGLE has also played along with this technology with their 3D animals feature. Most brands out there are aggressively seeking this innovation as solutions for marketing and communication.

Google 3D Animal Experience

We at GDCS, thrive to utilize such innovation and technology as our approach for creative solutions for your brand and products!

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